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Self Care Tips

One of the most talked about topics as of late has been self-love. Everyone is preaching about it, and there are blog posts, YouTube videos, and articles flying left, right, and centre. So, what exactly is self-love, and why are we all going stark-raving mad over it? Well, that's what you're going to find out about today!

I'm going to be sharing 5 of my top tips with you in the hope that you will feel more educated, and also more positive about yourself, and who you are from now on. I mean, that's what we all want in an ideal world, right?

We all deserve a lil self-loving, but it's so incredibly hard to actually give it to ourselves. We often put others first, and we completely neglect our own needs, because we feel as though people would label as us 'selfish', or 'vain', when that isn't the case at all. We are 100% entitled to looking after our minds, and our bodies, because if we don't, then who else will? You only live once (yep, I'm afraid I'm using that well-known phrase that most people now hate - oops!), so you might as well make the most of it whilst you have the chance!

1. Have a pamper evening - Nothing screams me time more than a good ol' pamper evening. I'm a sucker for them myself, and it's now nearing towards the Autumn/Winter months, it makes perfect sense that you treat yourself once a week. Of course, you can have a pamper evening as often, or as sporadically as you want, but I would suggest having one at the end of every week, just to reflect, and then wind down, ready for a weekend away from school, college, or work! Ahh, I can almost feel the relaxation already. There are many different ways that you can choose to have a pamper evening, but I know that I've got a personal favourite that works, and so that's what I'm going to be sharing with you! I think I'm going to start having one every Friday night once school starts properly again (ugh, I can almost feel all the groans coming from behind the screen), just so that I can switch off, and forget about the week that has just passed. It also gives you something to look forward to, so it could work as a sort of motivational technique - who knows? The closer we get towards Autumn, and Winter, the colder the weather starts to get, which can only mean one thing - bath time! Finally, it's going to be socially acceptable for me to start having regular baths again. I honestly can't wait. Lush just keeps on calling my name recently, and I can definitely feel a splurge coming along. When I run my bath, I like to make sure it's either a really nice colour, or as bubbly as it can possibly be. Lush do all sorts of different oils, bath bombs, and bubble bars, so I'm sure you will be able to find just the one for you. I like to go for the calming scents when I'm having a pamper evening, so anything with lavender, or essential oils will do just fine for me. I then like to have a read, scroll through my phone, or just simply lay there, and soak (see what I did there?) in the atmosphere. You could light yourself some candles, and put them to the side, read a girly magazine, listen to some spa music, or simply just practise some breathing techniques. I then like to use a facemask, shave my legs, wash my body, and do all those sorts of things until I want to get out. I then usually have a hot chocolate with cream, and marshmallows, and some cookies, get into bed, watch some telly, read blogs, or do something else, and just chill in bed. Of course, I light a candle, and put my fairy lights on, but that's just obvious, right? Your pamper evening is your excuse to do whatever you want, and take time to focus on you. Maybe it would be a good idea to step away from social media during that time. You should practise some mindfulness instead, by using either the Calm, or the Headspace app. I'm sure you will begin to notice a considerable difference!

2. Focus on the positives about yourself - It's far too often that we talk, and think negatively about ourselves as individuals. We are our worst critics, but if we don't make a conscious effort to change that, then it will always remain that way. It's important to think about the things that make us who we are, and the things that make us unique, whether they're physical, or in terms of our personality. Sticking up post-note reminders around your mirror, or in a place that you will see them regularly may really help them to stay in your brain, and then you will be able to think about them much more often, so eventually, the negative thoughts won't seem as overwhelming, or obvious. Maybe you have beautiful, big eyes that you always get complimented on? What about your sense of humour, and how you have the ability to make everyone in the room laugh at any given moment? You could have a really kind, generous heart to the point where you are always there for your friends, and family, if ever they need you. Think about it. I want you to write down at least 6 things on some post-it notes. 6 is your minimum amount, but hopefully you can think of even more!

3. Write things down - It may sound quite pointless, but writing things down really can help you so much if you're struggling with practising self-love. Write down your thoughts, and feelings in a private place. For those of you who keep a diary, this may be easier for you, but even if you don't, you can just make notes on your phone, or on your laptop! You can be as honest as you want without anybody else knowing, and that's the beauty of it. If you're having a bad day, write about it. You can always delete it, or burn the paper afterwards. It may help you to rationalise your thoughts, and then you will begin to realise what's bothering you, and you can work out ways to target them. Write down what's bothering you, and then also try to come up with a solution, if you can. You never know, it could become a regular thing, and before you know it, you might start keeping a diary if this tip works out!

4. Take care of your body - As I mentioned in the introduction, we often neglect our bodies, because we are too busy putting others first, and taking care of them, rather than ourselves. We only get one body - that's a given. However, we have the choice to look after it, and nourish it, or take no notice of it, and neglect it. I know that I'd rather look after my body, and nourish it, so that's exactly what I'm going to try, and do from now on. Rather than picking up that chocolate bar, because it's right in front of you, take some time out of your day to prepare yourself a fresh fruit salad. Instead of eating pancakes with chocolate spread, lemon, and sugar on them, and then downing a chocolate milkshake (please don't judge me), why don't you opt for a bowl of fruit, and yogurt with a glass of milk, or water instead? That's what I'm doing. It's all about making a conscious effort to improve things for the better. It's your body, and it's your job to look after it, and treat it well. It needs to last you a lifetime! Try getting out some more. The fresh air will do you good, and you will be getting exercise too. I know I sound so cliché right now, but it's so important, and so true. Keep hydrated, and make the right decisions by putting nutritious goods into your body. Have unhealthy foods in moderation, but don't overdo it, and don't have smaller portions of healthy foods. That's never a good thing!

5. Set small goals each day to achieve the things that you want - This is honestly such a key thing to do. If you ever want to get anywhere in life, then you have to start small, with the basics. It's all about those baby steps, otherwise you will end up leaping too far, and getting no-where. For example, if you want to own your own café one day, then you have to start off at home. Try baking the most simple of recipes, and then try them in bigger proportions, then for your friends, and family, then more complex ideas, and so on. As you make progress, and develop, then you will be able to work your way up, and you will feel self-love as a result of all the effort, and hard work. Feeling pride is such an amazing thing, and if you set yourself small goals each day, then you will be able to feel that pride much more often, and the results will be visible!

Post Written by Jade at: Simply Jadey

Thank you so much for reading this guest post. I really hope you liked it!

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  1. Great post idea. So many people forget to CARE for THEMSELVES which is kind of sad.

    S .x

  2. This is such a helpful post, I definitely need to take better care of my body xx

  3. I definitely need to take care of my body more! I love pamper evenings. They're so relaxing, I have no idea why I don't do it more often! xx

    Grab Your Camera x

  4. Loooove this post, you're right, everyone needs a little self love, but so many people often forget all about it! These are great tips and I really agree with them. Thanks for sharing! Xx

  5. Love these tips! I love posts that motivate others and this just did that for me! I blog about posts similar! Check it out��


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